Fuji X100VI and Reala Ace film simulation

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the recent update has finally brought the support for Fuji X100VI. However, I don’t see the Reala Ace among the film simulations. Is there an ETA on adding that?

Is that a new simulation from Fuji added to that new body, or was it available with older bodies as well?

I’m not a Fuji x-trans shooter myself, but if I recall correctly, Fuji film simulations are part of Filmpack. If I am correct, then you will have to wait for an update to the current version of Filmpack or the introduction of Filmpack 8 whenever that is planned. That of course assumes that DxO plans on adding that film simulation anytime soon.


The Reala Ace was introduced in September last year with release of Fuji GFX100 lI. I also updated the Filmpack but there’s no Reala Ace available yet.

Best is to give note to @DxO_Support-Team

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