Fuji X100V shows Exif info with TCL lens

My Fuji X100V photos both raw and jpeg show a TCL lens convertor attached. I don’t have one. Some photos will shows with and some without. Might be Exif recorded in LR?
Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 8.41.12 pm
Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 9.52.56 am

Hello Migo, Thank you for your inquiry. The Optic module “Fuji X100V Lens (including TCL-X100 II and WCL-X100 II)” is just a way to indicate that images done with TCL-X100 II and WCL-X100 II will be also corrected by this module, not your images are shot with a TCL or a WCL.
Hope all is clear now. Regards

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