Fuji X Trans

My understanding is that building support in PL for Fuji X Trans (raf) is a none starter, it will never happen. However whilst reading an exchange on the DxO Instagram page it was stated that Fuji X is being worked on, although there is no ETA as yet. Which is true?

No Response! Suggests whoever your admin is on Instagram has it all wrong then.

No one from DxO has been posting here all week

But they should respond surely?

You would hope so


@Marie-Catherine, please, reply.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

I like Photolab (I have the latest version) and I would like to buy a Fuji with XTrans sensor. It would be great to take in charge this demosaicing.

Until I saw the post on Instagram my understanding via this forum was that DxO would never support Fuji X Trans. Now I do not know but it is strange that nobody from DxO has jumped in with a response. If they are developing it I’ll upgrade to the latest version. If they are definitely not going that way there is no point me bothering with PhotoLab any more.

DxO please?

I am absolutely astounded that there is still no response. What is going on over there @sgospodarenko

on the weekend you will not get a response from DXO my friend

… or you’ve already got it.
After many years, the Xtrans sensor take in charge won’t be able in a week!


Sorry, I do not understand, Pascal. I just want an answer to the question as there appears to be a conflict between what was said on here in the past and what was said on Instagram recently. I loved PL but now that I shoot Fuji X it is becoming less and less used. I would love it to be my primary editor again and I would happily maintain my current version if there is a push by DxO to get X Trans into PL.


You read it on intagram, not on the DxO forum.
Actualy, no know project .

It was the DxO Instagram page and the response, twice, was: we (note the “we”) are working on it. I had given up on DxO because they were not keeping up but obviously this appeared to change things. Hence I wanted confirmation from DxO one way or the other. Following that I can either uninstall the software and say goodbye or hang around.

I understand your frustration. You want a simple yes or no, and if ‘yes’, a general timeframe I can’t answer that, but I suspect even if they have it in their backlog, it’s unlikely that it will be implemented anytime in the near future.


Thanks Mark. It is just annoying that their formal Instagram page responded to my comment that they do not have Fuji X support with “we are working on it”. That of course is contrary to what we have heard on here in the past. It is only right and proper therefore that DxO should clarify. So why the silence? Like you say it could well be months and months away (if ever) and in which case I’ll just uninstall and stick with Adobe.

Anyway there is just 1 vote on that topic… it does not look like someone is really interested, right ?

Most of companies do not reveal their plans before the job is done. I would do the same to be able to work in peace.

That does not explain DxO’s comment on their Instagram page does it? And that is the point the inconsistency of their message. Would not expect any votes as most Fuji guys will be with one of the other apps, which are so far advanced on the Fuji front that it would probably be years before DxO caught up. So this is not about votes it is about corporate consistency. Plus of course one could say there is some misinformation being spread about - misleading information even!

You saying companies do not reveal their plans is an irrelevant statement in this instance as apparently there are two messages out there: 1) never and 2) we are working on it. Personally I now do not give a damn one way or the other but clarification is something a decent company would ensure.

I sympathize, but this thread has become needlessly defensive, argumentative, and repetitive over something that could be a good development. Why not just wait for DxO to respond??


Agreed. I am waiting but others keep jumping in.