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Hi folks. New guy here with my first post.
So first of all - hello :grinning:

I was lucky enough to be given a copy of photolab2 or christmas and for 99% of what I do, it’s perfect.

The odd 1% is when I shoot raw files on an old Fuji S5 - that combination isn’t supported. I’ve also got an old copy of DXO optics 7 which does support this combination.

What would everyone recommend as a way forward? Do the raw conversion in 7, save then open in photo lab / do everything in 7? Some other combination I’ve missed? (I’m assuming it’s not possible to port the necessary module from 7 to photolab).

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I would get in touch with support. I am surprised that DXO 7 supports a camera/lens combination which is then dropped.



No need to connect to support as that’s true - Fuji S3 and S5 camera support was dropped in PhotoLab.

Svetlana G.

Maybe you can open the files after converting the files with the DNG converter?

Thanks for the replies.
I’ve just tried a DNG - that’s not supported either - I guess it’s because it contains camera specific info which isn’t understood.

Is there a simple way to open in 7, do the basics there then send to photo lab without having to do a save between the two steps?

Nope, it’s not possible as RAW in anyway won’t be supported, so the only way here to make corrections in OP7, then export to JPG or TIFF and work with it in PL.

Svetlana G.

That’s a shame.
Thanks for the reply though…

Update for anyone with similar issues.
DXO9 understands older cameras and has a ‘export to application’ function so it can do the basics and then send to Photolab without needing to save first :slight_smile:

This has made me a bit concerned over losing support in future versions for cameras/lenses. I took it, wrongly it appears, if you had support you would keep support in future versions. This makes a bit of a mockery of keeping the RAW files and processing information either as individual dop’s or database to enable future outputting as when output might be needed.



I also assumed that support for older cameras/lenses would continue as the software evolved. The possibility that older camera support could be dropped in new releases of PhotoLab is a huge disappointment!

Perhaps starting a new topic about this issue would be appropriate?


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I have done this at

Its a very worrying development and one that potentially creates a loss of faith in the long term reliability of the product.


This is extremely disturbing.

Svetlana, can you give any reason why cameras are not supported in new versions of Photolab?


Actually, I can’t but let me ask @Benoit or @Marie-Catherine to reply.

Svetlana G.

Hi everyone.

There’s no concern to have about this topic, as no further camera support will be removed from DxO products in the future. This only happened with Fuji Super CCD cameras, and be sure it won’t happen with another camera model.

In more details, Fuji S3/S5 RAW pictures are using non Bayer sensors (Super CCD), which was requiring a fully dedicated RAW engine in our products. Keeping alive this specific RAW engine was regularly slowing down our developments. This combined to the fact that very few people were still using such cameras, we decided to remove it, but this decision was only made because of these specific conditions.




Thanks Benoit. Disappointing, but at least I know the reason now.
Off topic slightly, but what filtering do they use? I thought everyone except sigma used the Bayer array.

Thank you for your quick response and for your assurance that DxO will continue to support older cameras.


You can find some concise information about related Fuji filter here: https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Super+CCD.

Furthermore, a specificity from DxO RAW processing is also to get some processing before demosaicking (for instance denoising), and this required to have a specific implementation of these filters (and a specific maintenance across time) in case of Super CCD.

For more information about this last point, it’s a little like discussion we also have about the fact that we don’t support XTrans sensor (cf. post here: Fuji X (T20) RAW support in OpticsPro). (but yes, Super CCD case was simpler, as it can be seen as Bayer filter stored with a 45° rotation).

Benoit, many thanks for this clarification.