Fuji raf support.


This is my first post and I’m looking for some thoughts on PL6. The annual round of software updates is upon us and I thought I would have a look at PL6. I’m aware that fuji file processing was only in beta phase for the last version, but can’t find a great deal of info regarding how well fuji files are processed. I’m seeking people’s opinion on whether fuji processing is still beta or and how people find the quality of processed fuji files.
Thanks for any replies.

Personally find the Fuji processing to be excellent and better than LR especially coupled with DeepPrime.

I overall find LR easier to work with though and get the result I want but thats probably familiarity with the program more than anything.

I have basically started culling and cataloguing in LR then send to PL to process corrections and DeepPrime then back to LR to finish.

I have been spending more time in PL on its own though as I continue to decide whether I really need to keep LR going.

Masking is where LR hands down beats PL imo but thats not to say PL is bad it to me just isn’t as intuitively ‘easy’ to use.

Whether Fuji support has left Beta status or not only DxO can say but no complaints here.

Definitely download the trial and have a see for yourself.

Fuji is not yet supported in PL6. It is supported in PL 5 though and I am very happy with it.
It should come later with an update in PL6

You’ve lost me there. So please elaborate.

Fuji absolutely is supported in PL6 unless I’ve missed something.

I’ve literally just finished editing some Fuji RAFs in PL6.

As far as I’m aware the only thing not yet supported is DeepPrime XD but thats stated to be coming in a future PL6 update (its discussed elsewhere on the forum and states it on DxOs support I believe.)
The original DeepPrime from PL5 still works just fine in the meantime however.

Very last point in the release notes>

Sorry, my mistake then. I have not downloaded PL6 yet. Good to know that it works with Fuji files.

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No worries just wondered if id missed something!

The feature that does not work for Fuji files yet, but will be added in a point release soon, is support for the new DeepPRIME XD noise reduction tool. While the new DeepPRIME XD is not currently usable with Fuji X-trans files, the current DeepPRIME is.


Welcome to the foru, @Basildefarmer

Check support for your gear on this page:

Thanks for responding your answers have been helpful. At present I’m using capture one pro does PL6 have a similar layer based adjustments and masks definable by Luna curves by at chance.

Yes. If you use Control Lines from the Local Adjustments tool, you get the idea of layers with selective luma and chroma masks.

Thanks Joanna for your reply. Replies so far convinced me it’s worth having a go with the trial.


A further question I have is, if you have Photolab is it worth bothering with the Nik collection.

Using Nik Collection is like eating out: either you like what’s on the menu or you don’t - it’s is a very personal decision. There’s a 30 day free trial for you to find out if you like it.

Removing Nik Collection from a Mac is tricky though. The uninstaller removes the main components, but leaves a lot of stuff behind. DxO therefore provides an additional cleanup tool for WIN and MAC.
I have not tested them, so I can’t say if they really scrub thoroughly.

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Thank you for replying platypus. After I posted I carried out a forum Search and it seems that the dxo bundle may be the better choice.

The premium bundle is the best choice imo. It enables FP and VP within DPL and makes things work without media breaks (having to switch from RAW to TIFF) while customising.

As far as I see in shop.dxo.com, the bundle is not available right now…

I shall keep my eye open for when it’s next available. Thanks

I just noticed DxO PL6 with FP6 does not support the Fuji film simulation “Nostalgic Neg”. I tested it with a downloaded Fuji X-H2S raw file from dpreview.

In Capture One 22 I can choose “Nostalgic Neg.” for the X-H2S file (but not for my old Fuji X-E4 files).

But there is no hint in the camera list of DxO. They just say X-H2S is supported.

Please note that both DPL and DFP come in essential and elite editions. Depending on which edition(s) you have licensed, features are available or not.

I mean PL6 elite and FP6 elite.

When will DXO provide DeepPrime XD support for Fujifilm cameras?