Fuji dng on lightroom with less highlights to recover

Hey. I found a problem with fuji raws when I use Photolab to get your algorthym and using your dng on lightroom. I can´t recover highlights like in the original raw, your dng made flat highlights. I found this problem on overexposed raws.

Here you have an example. On the left, dng from dxo photolab without all the corrections, only the raw converting on dng with photolab. On the right, the raf file.

I like a lot your algorythm for fuji, as well your deepprime noise reduction, but this is a real problem to work with fuji, because we are loosing lot of information on the highlights

Hi @Apo, welcome to the forum.

All RAW developers apply “something”, even if no setting was tuned. Therefore, the same image can look different in PL and LR. Also, PhotoLab 5 advertises its Fuji support as “beta” and I suppose that DxO will refine and improve Fuji support in future updates.

As for current use, I propose that you try to change a few settings in order to reduce highlights and save these settings as a new preset.

You can also provide a RAW file for us to help you. Post your image here or through a sharing service of your choice.

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