From Dxo to NIK tool usage (& more with a workflow)


I have here a question about NIK tools, not the quality of the treatments offered by the different tools but the location of the result files. This question may have an answer elsewhere in this forum and in this case thank you for telling me the place.

Indeed, I use NIK products from PLx (1 & 2) using the menu “export to an application” from the film strip. When I do this, a jpeg is created in the directory where the CR2 image is and then the NIK tool opens to apply the process.

It’s when I record work that I have a “problem”. If I use Dfine and I back up. The jpeg created when the NIK tool is called is updated with the applied process. On the other hand, if I use the HDR tool, here too a jpeg is created in the directory where is the CR2 but when I save, the result is placed in “my documents” and the JPEG created in the working directory is not modified.

Second question, as I often use the HDR tool then Dfine to image. Is there a possibility to send the HDR processed image directly to Dfine. If you want to create a workflow: Dxo processing -> HDR NIK tool -> Dfine Nik tool -> another NIK tool -> final render