Fringer EF-NZ adapter

Neither the FTZ nor FTZII need special modules for DxO Photolab Elite to work as these contain no optical elements, merely convert Nikon internal motor AF F mount lenses to work on a Z mount body, provided DxO has generated modules for the particular body and lens (plus teleconverter if used) – both Nikon lenses and non-Nikon lenses (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, etc.). Fringer has the EF-NZ adapter that works the same as the Nikon FTZ/FTZII save that the EF-NZ adapts Canon EF mount lenses to a Z mount body and have the EF mount lens work with full automation as a native F mount lens would work. As DxO will not allow the arbitrary mix and max of lenses and bodies to have all features of PL Elite (eg, PL5E), which PL5E actions work with such a combination (EF mount lens on Z body)? Will DeepPRIME still work? Marie, you may choose to reply to this question. Note that some Canon EF mount lenses provide characteristics not available in F mount lenses (and vice versa in the event that there is a Nikon F mount to Canon mirrorless mount adapter).