Freezing : DXO Photolab 5 Elite with or without requiring hardware reset to kill the job

I am struggling like mad for weeks to solve this problem with the application “freezing’’ and requiring “Task Manager” to kill the job or even requiring sometimes a hardware restarting of the PC s. Every time 'task manager” shows the task as the application has stop working

This morning after receiving an offer from CCleaner Pro to update my license that was older than 5 years, I didn’t resisted to their offer. After updating my version I have chosen to use the “Performance Optimizer” with the option to “Optimize” making to sleep every applications that don’t require to need to take resources to the PC. After that I was able to open Photolab V5.3.0 built 4738 Elite, and no more freezing for the rest of this day (like a miracle had happened). At first after applying this option when I was using " DeepPRIME “, frequently in the skies banding lines appeared on some images, without showing any ‘‘Failing message’’. I then decided to modify the config file located directly under " DxO.PhotoLab.exe” named “DxO.PhotoLab.exe.config”, and using the search key “F3” and using this search text “WinMLUseGraphicQueue”, I have change the "
False, change the “False” value for the “True” value , followed by saving the file. Before being able to edit this file you must change its properties to be able to modify it. Don’t forget after to reset its file properties as before.
The good thing, is I have not seen so far any of the same defects in the sky as previously. I have over 30 RAF files using " DeepPRIME" and none failed during the creation. The only worry is my Radeon Pro WX5100 with 8 gigs reach temp over 70 C.
I can’t promise you CCleaner Pro will work for you, as it did so far for me. I will in a few days let you know if this has definitely solve the problem. This is the best in quality the market has to offer, but its also the most fussy to run.
Hoping this can help a few having similar problems.

Excellent to hear that your “app freezing” problems seem to have been fixed, Luc … but I don’t understand how your use of CCleaner is related to the changes you made to DxO.PhotoLab.exe.config (which has forced usage of your GPU) … The two are not related, are they ?

John M

You have to be carefull with CCleaner, I tried it and it groundaway in the background and removed allu
logones saved and it took ages to get them back again.It used to be a safe program but since changed hands has added lots of things to it including some that can 9in my case did/) cause problems

I think to many programs (27) were working taking most of the ressources in the background in such a way DXO was lacking ressources to be able to continue to work. Task manager everyy time the app failed and freezed was showing in the “processor” column a value of “0” for DXO Pholabs… The cpu is an older one near 10 years old with 16 Gigs of RAM. I never had a message in the DXO screen that the application was not responding anymore.
Hope this make sense.

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Hi John
You are right the modification of the config file is not related to the freeze, but the modification is documented on DXo Photolab site. I had that problem a few months ago, with the streaking lines in skies, and at the time modifying the value from ''False" to “True” had solved the problem. Theses lines never happened if I was only using the “CPU”.
Please read my comment I added a few messages below, regarding CCleaner Pro update.

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