Free Nik Collection V/S the pay version of Nik Collection?

Hi guys, I might pay for NIK Col. but need to know the differents between the free one and the one you want me to pay for. Have you made major updates and changes and if it so could you tell me what? How does the future looks like… any new updates?
Thanks a lot.
/Jacques Montel

Hi. Some information here: And to get a more complete insight attached release note that should be available very quickly on our support page. Last but not least, there is a 30 days free trial for the product, so you can check if this version suits you. Have a good day.

Release_Notes_NikByDxO_2018_EN.1.2.18.pdf (402.3 KB)


Well… all this has been working before… LR, Mac etc… So what’s really new?

Depending on OS and its version, software host and its version, GPU model, screen calibration, kind of pictures processed, etc., things were not working that good for everyone with free version (cf. attached pdf above).

But sure, if you don’t experience any issue with free version, and as new features haven’t been released yet, I understand that in your case you find it lacks some new things for now. Stay tuned anyway!