Frames limited adjustments

The frames in PL have very limited adjustmenst. It is not possible to:

  • Have a diffrent thickness invertical or horizontal frame
  • Have more than 200px width: with high deffinition sensors it is not so much
  • With a inner line: it is not possible to specify the width of this line.
    To get “artistics” frame it should be suitable to add some manual adjustments to fit with the user wish.

More here, going back to 2019:

One improvement that I’ve especially asked for is to have a frame as thin as one pixel.

There are similar feature requests to improve other FilmPack effects, too. Not enough votes, unfortunately - and not much interest from DxO, either.

Several times I also asked to decrease the mini of the frames.
I also asked to be able to manage the thicknesses of the independently sides.