FP7 Elite - New Selenium custom settings toggle issue

Before I bug support can someone else validate this behavior. Load the New Selenium preset. Go to Customize and adjust to anything from White Balance on down. Then use the toggle to turn the adjustment off and on. For me nothing happens.

I suspect the preset is bugged. Since other presets don’t exhibit this behavior. I didn’t test all of them of course.

Thanks to anyone who has time to try this and let me know.

B&W mode
what looks like a switch seems to only work with

  • Rendering
  • Light
  • Luminosity Masks
  • Contrast

and Split Toning has additional (different) buttons to disable

( somewhat irritating )

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I can reproduce the behavior in standalone version of FP7.3/Win11. Tried only switching on/off changes in the ‘Channel mixer’. It seems that only B&W presets are affected.

However, in DPL7.3 it works as expected.

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After loading an image and applying the New Selenium preset in PL7 (7.3.0) I then made various changes in the Style Toning, HSL and Channel Mixer settings. In all of them, when the control was toggled off the image reverted to what is was prior to the change - i.e. PL behaved as expected.

If I load the same image in FP7 standalone, and apply the New Selenium preset then toggling the control off in FP7 doesn’t reset the image.

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Thanks everyone!

Because I am using a Mac and others are using Windows that implies it’s not a platform specific issue.

I’ll collect the feedback and open a ticket.


To sum up:
It’s a FilmPack7 standalone GUI problem when toggling settings for B&W presets related to color (like Color Mixer, WB, Filter) or lens corrections (like Vignetting), both for Mac and Windows.
(It’s not only for ‘New Selenium’ and the problem is not seen in DPL7).


Thanks for the great summary.

Following up on your not only “New Selenium” comment. In stand alone I can repeat the behavior by simply toggling back and forth between Color and B&W mode. Thank you.

Ticket with screenshots submitted.

Thanks again everyone.

I heard back from Support this morning. A ticket has been submitted to dev.

So, hopefully we’ll see a fix in a near-future update.

Thanks again everyone for the help and input.

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