FP Editing from Tiff vs Raw?

Which is better or closer to the original intent of the film pack, editing from raw or editing from a tiff file of the same image. I see that they produce different results for each film strip and am confused which one should it really be? I made no edits of the raw file when creating the tiff which i exported to FP.

Thank you.

Hello, Artiom,

It will be better to work on the original RAW file - rather than an already-processed TIFF file.

John M


in case you missed it - if you have Elite then Filmpack can be activated in DPL and you have everything there.


There was some discussion about this a while ago - but I cannot find it now - which suggested that, in fact, FP used in stand-alone mode produces different results from FP used as integrated within PL !!

@platypus - I recall you being involved in that discussion; can you recall where it was posted ??

John M

…somewhere in one of the discussions, which does not help though :wink:

I have not installed the standalone FP and VP apps on my 2019 iMac, so I cannot test what differences might be. Anyway, from a system point of view, results will only be identical if (and only if) everything works exactly the same… and I usually don’t bother to go through all what is possible with the multiple apps I have as long as one of them brings me close to what I want to get - and even this might vary from time to time…

As for the eternal question “which is better”, my standard answer will be “the one you like better” as long as you move within the boundaries of art.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the response. The tiff file in question was generated by PhotoLab when clicking export to application button (to Film Pack). What raised the question was that when I was deciding between FP Essential and FP Elite, FP Elite had 'edit from raw" capability so I was interested to see if there was a noticeable difference between applying a film preset to the tiff/jpeg (FP Essentials) file or to the raw (FP Elite), and there was, so then I questioned which result is closer to the developers (DXO) intent. Thanks again.

PhotoLab and FilmPack are both made by DxO. If the respective raw processing uses the same code, results should look similar except for whatever is considered to be the default in the two programs.

Again, if things look different, there can be many reasons why it is so. What matters most to me is if and how I can get the desired results easily

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