Foto Filter: Select Item to display

Is there somebody clever enough to explain to me why that filter function for filtering images for displaying has a reset button, but not a button to clear all ticks.
I like to do a simple filter by showing only “picked images”, to untick/unmark 24 filter options and having a pull down menu which is closing by each untick/unmark is not very clever and very annoying. But maybe there is a very clever approach behind that … :slight_smile:

Please alight me…



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Hello Michel,

I’d like to bring you good news but it works exactly like you described. We are aware that this behavior makes some people annoying :frowning: and the good news - we are going to change this behavior to a more logical one. But as it will go with the whole Filtering system redesign it will take some time.

Svetlana G.


To be fair you only habe to untick untagged and rejected images (if you talk about the the red/green tags). But yes, it is annoying, e. g. if you want to see only one star rating, the other four + untagged have to be deselected.

It’s impossible. A needed fix.