Forum search excludes the whole current year!

I was looking for a post that I made in the summer of this year. Yet, every search of the forum failed to turn it up. I noticed that all search results were before the year 2023. I finally found what I was looking for by adding an “after” date to my search parameters:

upgrade nik collection after:2023-01-01 @Egregius

I find this astonishing. Please fix it. Thanks!

When I do a search for the same query on my iPhone I get hit for many years back without the need to specify any date span.

Couldn’t it have something to do with the numbers of posts, @Egregius ? No, just tried. Without time restrictions it’s only 21 posts, not 50+. Still, this forum search delivers results, if one wants to experience a really bad search, try C1 community… :laughing:

@Required and how many of your iPhone search results were from 2023?

When searching for:
upgrade nik collection
and sorting by date, I get 50+ hits but 40 including this thread for the year 2023.

Same results and amount in Safari with both macOS and iOS.

Edit: added clearifications

Interesting. I get 50+ at first. Also, on Mac OS and Safari I didn’t see the ones of 2023. Weird.