Forum search and filtering functionality

I miss the following feature: Find all posts (topics and bugs) that I have started. Why?

Sometimes, I get the suspicion that I’m posting something that I have already written about in earlier posts. Trying to find such a post is fairly annoying because it involves scrolling through a long list of posts - until I quit doing this and create a new topic or bug report instead, which of course can fragment something that otherwise could be held together.

Hello @platypus.

You can access the list of the topics you created and/or replied in your profile, in the Activity tab.
You can also use the search engine to search in a specific category, for example from:@gpailler #site-feedback

Does it match your needs?

Yes, some of it works through the little round account image up right in the screen.

How can I get rid of “earned…”?
How can I find bugs that I reported? How if I want the answered or unanswered ones?

Search is maybe as potent as it was, but searching is much less obvious. Will there be a syntax on how to enter a more elaborate search?