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I am a beginner in DxO PhotoLab and new to the forum.
My first question is: Can I write my posts in German, or does it have to be English?

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You can write in German if it is easier. We have several German speakers and everyone else use Deepl to either read or write if necessary

As @Joanna indicated, you can post in German if you prefer. DxO is a French company and this forum has members from all over Europe and the world.

Many members prefer to post in English even though it is not their native language, but there is no requirement to do so. Many of us here use the French translation program DeepL to both read and post responses in other languages. This post is a translation of English to German using DeepL.

Now that this question has been answered, how else can we help you?


Wie @Joanna angedeutet hat, können Sie auf Deutsch posten, wenn Sie es vorziehen. DxO ist ein französisches Unternehmen und dieses Forum hat Mitglieder aus ganz Europa und der ganzen Welt.

Viele Mitglieder ziehen es vor, auf Englisch zu posten, auch wenn es nicht ihre Muttersprache ist, aber das ist nicht vorgeschrieben. Viele von uns hier benutzen das französische Übersetzungsprogramm DeepL, um Antworten in anderen Sprachen zu lesen und zu schreiben. Dieser Beitrag ist eine Übersetzung vom Englischen ins Deutsche mit DeepL.

Nun, da diese Frage beantwortet ist, wie können wir Ihnen sonst noch helfen?


Sorry Mark, DeepL was developed in Germany by the company Linguee GmbH. The main dev is Jaroslaw Kutylowski which also doesn’t sound French to me. And is based in Cologne, Germany, see wikipedia.

“French software” doesn’t have the best reputation here in Europe, at least what I heard of other users. I don’t want to conclude from DxO’s weird “two developer teams develop for two different OS” strategies, but DeepL wouldn’t have got so many users and a enterprise value of 1 billion $ with that weird strategy.

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Thank you for the feedback I stand corrected. I thought that I had read it somewhere a few years back. I obviously was mistaken.


Sorry for reacting so touchy, but when I first got in contact with linguee and after that DeepL I found it very hard to believe they are based in Germany - but it makes a lot sense as Google usually is America centered and some Google translations of European languages are still incredibly painful to read. And German companies like SAP and Siemens are also well known for shitty usability.

By the way, I once send a Nikon Z fc back to the dealer. The camera came with a Quick start guide in German, raising more questions than giving answers. The reference manual in English was translated by Google, horrible wording and some phrases made no sense at all. If Nikon wants to safe money, great. They also safe some customers.

I was not upset by your post. I am happy to be corrected when I make an error.


I was upset by myself. Still I am under the influence of 30 years old prejudices and not knowing how and which part of the world has changed since then. An engineer told me once "French language, nice for poetry and stories and chansons, but for writing software … :grimacing:

I know only few German based software (Linguee, GraphicConverter, Excire) and already gave two bad examples, so maybe I reacted in the way “sometimes even in Germany it happens that good software is developed and used” which bewilders me as I’m in no way proud to be German, don’t care about football and often felt ashamed in holidays when I observed some people behaving badly, just to find out they spoke German :worried:

Anyway, the question is answered.

I’m sorry you are having a difficult time reconciling your long held feelings, but I don’t believe this is an appropriate subject for discussion on this site.


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In one sense you’re right, but the other sense… it’s about communication, and communication happens here by text and language. Some words are difficult to translate by DeepL - or by professional translators as well. There’s no cure about that, only “ask if in doubt”.

It’s also worth noting that “broken English” is OK, too. Those of us for whom it is a first (and likely only) language will make do. (And personally, I try to think really hard about idioms which can confuse even other native English speakers from different cultures.)

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