For non-Adobe users, a request to merge NIK Plugins into a single standalone app with one recipe/preset library

I use NIK as standalone apps.

I don’t use Adobe software not DxO software, other than NIK.

This is a request to merge NIK Plugins into a single standalone app with one recipe/preset library, for those of us who don’t use Adobe software.


Interesting idea. Usually, such plugins are sold separately because not everyone needs the whole collection. However, the Nik plugins are not sold separately. So, this should not change anything on the marketing side.

However, I think that this move would be interesting not only for non-Adobe users (Affinity does support the Nik plugins, by the way). Having a single app or a single plugin embedding all the current plugins could avoid multiple roundtrips between the host application and the various plugins. This would also allow to work on a single image in-memory representation. The workflow would be certainly smoother.

I see a few problems though : the user interfaces would have to be unified and Viveza should be put in sync with the other plugins, a long lasting request that is still not satisfied. Also, some thoughts should be given to how HDR Efex and Sharpener could be integrated within that single software.

True, it is an interesting idea.
The user interface is one part and could be one integrated piece or several different ones.

The biggest job in my opinion has to be done under the hood and DxO is probably on the task already to harmonise all the plugin codes and API they got from and then from Goggle.
If this is done correctly it will allow NIK to be integrated in all kind of supportive applications, be it a standalone one or not. Photoshop, Affinity, PhotoLab, …

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