For me NIK collection alongside DPL doesn‘t make sense

I understand that purchasing the NIK collection from Goggle made sense for DXO to integrate local adjustments with U-Points into DPL.
But IMO it doesn’t make sense to market the whole suit of NIK plugins alongside DPL. Many functions are duplicated and often time I don’t know whether I achieve better results in DPL or NIK. The whole suite DPL + NIK is very puzzling.
I hope you integrate the better parts of the NIK collection into DPL and ditch the NIK collection or keep it solely as a plugin solution for other editors.
But as an DPL Elite user I‘d like to get everything within DPL without having to roundtrip to the NIK collection.


…including a raw to rgb conversion…


Yes, I have to agree. Local Adjustments seem to be duplicated by some of the NIK functions. One feature of the Google NIK not carried over to PL is the structure slider in Vivisa; it pops fine details like brick and rocks to make them stand out.

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Ich verstehe nicht die Bedeutung des Nick-Filters in einem Programm, das nur der RAW-Entwicklung dienen soll!
Wäre es nicht besser die Geschwindigkeit DPL Elite zu erhöhen als in die Nick Filter unsinniger weise weitere Arbeit hinnein zu stecken.
google Übersetzung:
I do not understand the meaning of the nick-filter in a program, which is to serve only the RAW development!
Would not it be better to increase the speed of DPL Elite than to nonsensically put more work into the nick filter.

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Same for Filmpack, lot of “Filters” and creative stuff could be stored inside nikcollections and the extra tools as advanged contrast inside pl elite. Ditch FP and place NIKcollections for that.
Slimdown NIK by integrating all double tools only dpl.
Create a user interface of both which are similiar in use.

This way you export as jpeg done or side way nik 16tif back todpl for export jpeg.


Well, killing or crippling the Nik Collection would be a really bad move for all long-time users of these plugins. I guess I’m far from being the only one using the Nik Collection as plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom etc. And this is why I pay for every update DxO releases, regardless of the number of new features - I’m just so happy that the Nik Collection’s lifespan has been extended after Google’s attempt to let it die.

So please, DxO, don’t let us down!

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Die Nik Sammlung ist so unnötig wie ein Kropf, deshalb an der Geschwindigkeit von DXOPL Arbeiten.

Affinity Photo hat mit dem letzten Update schon wieder mit der Geschwindigkeit zugelegt, wann endlich muss man nicht mehr in DXOPL auf die Vorschau warten bis man die nächste Einstellung machen kann?

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The Nik collection is as unnecessary as a goiter, so working on the speed of DXO.
Affinity Photo has grown with the last update already with the speed, when finally you do not have to wait in DXOPL on the preview until you can make the next shot?


if you read my original post carefully you‘ll find that I suggested to ditch the NIK plugins or keep it solely as a plugin solution for external editors. That is what you need, right? As a DPL Elite user I don‘t want to roundtrip to a plugin extension like the NIK plugins for certain features but want everything fully integrated into the main app.


Dann wird DXOPL Elite noch langsamer, immer das warten bis die U-Point-Technologie etwas berechnet hat, grausam ist das! Und das bei einem Ryzen 5 Prozessor mit ausreichend Arbeitsspeicher!
Ich bin seid dem letzten Update Unzufrieden mit DXO!
Google Übersetzer:
Then DXOPL Elite gets even slower, always waiting for the U-Point technology to calculate something, that’s cruel! And that with a Ryzen 5 processor with sufficient RAM!
I’m the last update Unhappy with DXO!

Hi Pete,

yes, I did read your post carefully. Even if you offered two solutions, one of them was ditching the Nik collection. Others joined in and “voted” for this option, someone talked about “slimming down” the plugins. That’s why I answered the way I did.

I’ve been using the Nik plugins for many, many years now (almost from day one - several of the plugins didn’t even exist yet when I purchased the first ones), and they are a (or even THE) central part of my image editing workflow. That’s why I speak out here.

As much as I understand the DPL-users’ perspective, I have to object. Charging money from Nik users for two years and then discontinuing the app verges on fraught. Those users paid for the updates under the impression that the plugins’ future was at least secured and that the even might be enhanced in the future.

I for my part will never jump ship to DPL because I think the app is far inferior to LR or C1. And I must say that in all my years of photography outside of this forum I have never met or talked to anybody who actually uses DPL.

The Nik plugins are a huge asset, especially Silver Efex Pro 2. Despite its age, it still is the number one black&white processing app out there. Instead of cannibalizing the technology, it would be wise improve this app even further. I think people would spend real money on substantial updates.


I think NIK collections as standalone must be keeping available for non DPL users.

The only thing which would be nice is a more clean border between raw developing and straight forward tiff jpeg artistic developement and a box of tools as Filmpack next to NIKcollections.
The only advantage of FP is that it not only usable is as standalone but also can be used inside the raw enviroment of DPL. It has also some sliders which are useful in correcting and shaping the raw-file.
I would be happy if those sliders are embedded in DPL and the filters and other things are shifted to NIKcollections as endproduct finisher by tiff export.
Or and that would be great in all kinds, make the NIKcollections as FP raw capable so it can be integreated as dpl plugin or as standalone or as plugin for CC, LR and such.

If the UI are more the same it’s easier to switch between DPL and NIK.
controls are confusing at this moment, as a not often user of NIK when i export from DPL.

VP and FP are both also useable as standalone and plugin for LR CC and such but fully integrated in DPL if you bought the two.
It can be both ways.