Font Readability Improvements

I use a 25” Dell Monitor with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 wired to my MacBook Pro. I am finding the font size for the various customization tools too small for my 77 year-old eyes.

Also, for me, the grayed out fonts for tools that have not been used in an image could stand to be a skosh brighter.

Having options in PhotoLab preferences / settings to tweak both these parameters to the user’s liking would be most welcomed — at least by me.

Thank you.

Hi Ski,
Thanks for your feedback!
We are aware that PhotoLab has room for improvements there, and we’ll think of something better for a future version.


Hi Walter - would be very welcomed by me, too.

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It’s a year on since Walter wrote. Has anything improved Walter?

My eyesight is no longer perfect. I find PL almost impossible to use in any serious way because of the interface readability. I would like to use my copy of PL5 as my number 1 photo app but find other software has far better readability.

It really is important. Many current users will develop eyesight problems as time passes. Please DxO, just improve the interface.

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Are you on a MAC or PC. What size if your monitor. What resolution is your monitor set to?


Sorry Mark, it was a quick question born out of frustration at having to give up using PL and I was remiss not to include that information.

I’m using a MacBook Pro with either the built in 15.4" Retina display 2880 x 1800 of the laptop or an LG Ultrafine monitor 21.5" 4096 x 2304. I really need to use the LG monitor with PL5 and even then it isn’t perfect yet with Capture One I can do much on the laptop and have little problem if I use the LG.

Part of my problem is looking at panel items that are greyed out grey on grey at slightly differing levels but size of text is a big issue too. I could understand it if ALL software caused me the problem but it does seem to be a PL issue to me. And of course my eyes!

Thank you for your concern.

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