Folder create, rename, move, copy and delete inside PL

It would very usefull to be able to do all operations mentioned in title on folders in PL. It would speed up and increase effectivness of files organization.

Typically I do an initial import of all files from camera with Nikon Transfer App into “import folder”. Then moving the files into folders according to the session or project. At this time you need to do all that in Finder or other application, but in that case you loose all the great features of PL image browser.

Good morning @Solivac,

Thank you for the suggestion. ‘Create’ and ‘rename’ are already available:


So you can modify your request a bit.

Svetlana G.

Good morning @sgospodarenko,

There is no popup menu on folders on MacOS.

Jiri K.

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Dear @Solivac,

on Windows it’s a right click, not a pop up menue


That’s the standard way to access a popup menu on Windows

Sometimes Pop Up Menues are mixed up with Mouse over menues
That was the reason for me to give this hint.
In germany a lot of people are explaining this way
It was only a try to give Jiri K. a little help :smile: :smiley:


This feature exists on the Windows version but not for the Mac version. It would be great if it could come to Mac as well.

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Even on Windows there is no action to Move folder. I understand that Copy folder is little bit more problematic to program, but Moving folder would be really helpfull. At first I import new photos to “import” folder and then I sort them into folders (subfolders) by session.

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I agree it would be really helpful to be able to rename, move folders, etc through PL on an iMac :slight_smile:


I find it frustrating that you can’t delete a folder, even if it’s empty.



in DXO PL5 still no changes regarding operations with folders on Mac. Any plan to add that?


Yes, in Windows you can create a new folder from within PL, but you can’t delete it.
– But PL doesn’t show all files (like explorer or other file manager), so I suppose it’s a ‘safety feature’.

In the option to export to disk and to make a new folder it’s erratic as to if the save stage moves to the created folder. There are lots of problems in Windows file handling.

Many people use DXO PL, because they are not forced to use some kind of catalog or database. They have own system of working with folders and they used it this way years before cataloging apps and it will last many years after these apps stop existing. When you sort fresh imported photos, the features for working with directories are necessary, or you need something like PhotoMechanic or other app like that. Even not so good application like Nikon NX Studio has actions like “create, rename, copy, delete and move folder”. I’m sorry, but it’s not about safety, but it’s about “laziness” of DXO…

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It was to highlight, WHY there might not be the delete function in Windows, NOT talking about cataloging et all.
– Personally, I would like PL’s PhotoLibrary to show all file types and handle psd-files, when stored in compatibility mode!

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Hi, okay. I wrote about cataloging as example/highlight why some people may stick with folders and need full set of features to work with them. And for delete there can be simple confirmation informing that folder is not empty. Or you can delete files by moving to trash, so you can always restore them.

Is there any update on “create folder” coming to Mac? I can do all my other photo management in PL, but for this one single thing I have to go to Finder. If this isn’t annoying enough :slight_smile: , there is also no context menu to open this folder in Finder or to copy its path at least. So I have to locate it twice, first in PL, then do the same thing again in Finder.

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I’ve got the same question. @DxOStaffPO can you please provide some details about this? Thanks.

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