Flip image horizontal and vertical greyed out

PL6 and these are greyed out, at least for TIFF files, but I cannot work out why. I can work round by exporting and doing using another app to flip, but this is not ideal, not least because PL6 cannot always load them after editing (I guess because of the compression method used.) Any idea about the most likely reason? The files are 16 bit TIFFs created by Epson Scan. I guess I am missing something really obvious.

Do you have a Viewpoint license?
It is requested.


Yes, Viewpoint 4

Have you tried uncompressed files?

I’m very disappointed to hear that this basic function requires an extra $100 license of Viewpoint, when even simple image tools do it. I am in a PL6 trial to decide if I’m going to leave many years of LR and this may push me over the top. I am scanning in a ton of old slides and they all need to be flipped. Ugh. I never would have guessed this wasn’t built in.

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It is built in. Licenses for Viewpoint and FilmPack merely unhide features that are already built into PhotoLab. If you want everything PhotoLab has to offer you need to purchase the entire PhotoLab suite of programs. DxO does this because many of its customers want to purchase a more inexpensive version of PhotoLab and are willing to give up some features to do it. But, if you want everything, you need to buy everything.


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It isn’t built in very well.

I have no problem with making the product modular. This just doesn’t look well thought out and its a very basic feature that most simple image tools can do. Even the Mac Preview tool can do it in the OS. And on top of making you buy a $100 product to access something you can already do in the OS, it isn’t well integrated if you chose to do it within PL6. You can’t tell if you have applied it to an image in PL6, as you can with other PL6 image actions.

These little inconsistencies are killing me trying to decide to adopt PL6 during the trial.