Flip horizontally and vertically

I fail to find out how to flip an image left - right and up - down.
I accidentally get a scanned image (transparent negative or positive film original) that was placed the wrong way on the scanner glass. Flip - command would make a fast cure.

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This has been requested before. Just search the forum for the word flip in the category of PhotoLab / Which feature do you need:


… As well as many other times.
Recurring request at the top of the line.


… so it’s time to be heard then

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Picasa has “flip” capability. The only shortcoming is it’s very dated and won’t handle HEIC and CR3 files.

Several software has flip. I flip my jpg and tif files with paint.net. All that is an extra time consuming task.
NEF and other RAW files cannot be flipped and the so the major editing work must be done before flipping. That is not intuitive.