Flicker- uploading not working at pressent

Since the transfer from the old servers flicker has been experiencing major problems (its near unusable). In the things not working is uploading so until they get this working you will not be able to upload via PL (or direct to flicker ether). So if you have problems its probably NOT PL but flicker causing the issue.
Hopefully when they finally get it sorted I or some one will add a correction post here

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I have just managed to upload some photos, I had to re log in via PL to do so. There are still a lot of reports of problems so its improved but not fully sorted yet.
One problem is its not putting uploads into albums, or I now find it is but only says 1 image in the album!
Not going too well, can only see album cover now either from flicker or links.


Thank you, John for notifying the users. And yes, we noticed the problem since last Thursday :frowning:
And you are correct this issue does not depend on us, as soon as Flickr completes all their maintenance it should work.

Svetlana G.