Flexible use of Optics Modules

Dear all

Recently bought DxO Photolab 5 because of its stunning results with the optics modules Panasonic GX9 and 100-400mm combo. But I fear it is limited.

Because with a Panasonic GX9 you can also buy Olympus lenses for MFT. Let alone, 7artisans and Laowa and what more? Is it possible to use the Optics Modules more flexible?

For instance, if I had the Olympus 60mm macro on my Panasonic Gx9 body, would I be able to use an optics module for the Olympus 60mm macro?

Thanks a bunch.

It is.

Silly me. I selected the Olympus brand and found nothing. :rofl:

But still it’s a valid question. Let’s say I have a 7artisans 35mm f0.95. Could I use a module for a similar lens? Or do I have to request a module for that specific copy?

Each module is made for the specific lens model. Have a look at this for how it’s done.