Flexible Selective Tone Tool Proposal

I think I’ve already posted this, but can’t find the post/thread right now…

Proposal: Selective tone tool works like the HSL tool

  • Customisable centre of the tonality range, selectable with pickup tool
  • Customisable width of the selected tonal range
  • Customisable micro-contrast per tonal range !
  • Start with 8 tonal ranges plus a general range

Keep the tool round for better control, added micro-contrast slider (could replace the three-range sliders of FP)

Asking for specific tools is good, because it give’s feedback experience.

But I think DxO should consider a more object oriented approach.

  • A way to create masks from colors with controled range and values (luminosity).
  • A color piker.
  • A precise curve system to convert datas with scalable window for precision.

And I would had :

  • A palette to store colors
  • A preset system to store and recall any kind of values - datas (palette would probably be included in it).
  • and other nodes like this.

And then, be able make communicate all this together and with already existing tools (micro-contrast and so on), and future tools.

I think it would be better than concentrating on one tool.

@JoPoV, you are asking for a different tool. My proposed tool aims to replace the selective tone tool with something that is more flexible in how tonal ranges can be set instead of having the fixed ranges that we have now.

In order to give your proposal due credit, you might want to create a separate proposal instead.

I thought I had (incompletly) decomposed and completed your tool, aiming to use those different parts (modules) to the whole software.