Fix general HSL behavior

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As we’re thinking on how to address HSL improvements, what solution to implement, if we change things and how much we intend to change them…that will feed our thoughts!

I think the first things is to make the colour selectable instead of preset colours. Then being able to adjust to hue, saturation and luminance would be a good start.


If you make the source color selectable, you could create a number of adjustment settings that is equal to the number of supported colors, so 16,7 mio at least, if you shift each color for example like that:

#FF000000 -> #FF000001
#FF000001 -> #FF000002

And even if you limit the number of allowed color shifts to a reasonable number, how are the color shifts managed in C1? Is there something like a list of color shifts, so that the user can delete one of many afterwards or adapt an existing one?

C1 keeps a list of each selected colour in the colour section and each can be re-adjusted independently of the others, turn on and off or deleted. How it works is best shown in a video:


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This request has been taken into account and the enchancing of the HSL part of our Backlog now.
I’ll close this topic to free votes!

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