Closed suggestions/requests for new features

That’s an excellent approach, Fabrizio; it provides reassuring feedback AND it’s a great way for us to get some spare votes back … (Mmmm - Now, how will I “spend” them ?! )

Regards, John M

Hopefully the Lightness slider will become useful soon.

I would also welcome some kind of Uniformity slider in the HSL tab, so that you can pick a given hue and unify a specified range of neighbouring hues (like in Capture One) by bringing them closer to the central point. It’d be useful not only for portraiture (the problems with blotchy skin or discolourations), but also landscapes (unifying the sky, etc.).

Hi everyone !

@John-M => Thanks a lot :wink: We always try to improve our process. Thanks for your feedback and support!

@sankos => You’re most likely to be fulfilled for that request. Not immediately unfortunately, but “soon” enough. :wink:

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