First attempt at an imitation of an Autochrome


Very nice Joanna. I think that the house at camera-left is too modern looking. Maybe cloning the wall over to edge of frame would help.

This is Brittany. We often find old and new(er) next to each other. Anyway, the aim of the image was to show a technique, not to provide a factual shot :wink:

Nicely done, Joanna. I had never given the technique much thought, but your first attempt looks pretty darn authentic. Care to share your preset?

There is no preset because every image will need different manipulation using the TSL tool. Even how you use the grain and blur tools will be down to personal taste

Read about autochrome and look at a few images. They will show different kinds of autochrome rendition. The best way to get into autochrome look-alikes is to a) use the HSL tool and b) add some tone curve, grain and creative vignetting, there’s not much more to it.

Autochrome is technique dating back about 100 years, so it is a good idea to show something timeless or adequate. If you want a preset, try this, it will work on some images and will fail on others.
Auto-3.preset (9.7 KB)


  1. desaturate all colours
  2. bring back primaries and change brightness and add colour shift as desired
  3. bring back secondary colours as needed
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