Fine Sharpening in DXO PhotoLab Elite vs Canon DPP

Hi, I am trialling DXO PhotoLab Elite on an M1 iMac. Question is about fine detail in PL vs Canon DPP. I imported a Canon EOS R5 with EF 24-105mmF4L IS USM lens landscape photo three ways: CR3, Canon JPG, Canon DPP which outputs a TIFF. The leaf separation is much cleaner in the Canon created JPG and Canon’ DPP output of a TIFF. I cannot emulate the clean separation of the foliage (not a close up of foliage) via PL Elite. Any tips? I’ve messed with fine detail sharpening on the CR3 version, as well as light and contrast. I would prefer to import as CR3 and not TIFF when using PL Elite but also want the clarity of separation of foliage. I know this is a kit lens, not the best, but am quite impressed with DPP’s resolution. Thanks.

I have the same issue for Fuji files in Capture One, PL foliage lacks detail and is blurred