Fine Contrast - Advanced Options

So I have just purchased FilmPack 6 Elite mainly for the Fujifilm presets to go with my X-T4 but also for some of the other creative aspects.

I now have the ‘Fine Contrast’ option in PL5 (I’m just using the integrated version at present).
What I don’t have is the Advanced options for ‘Highlights’ ‘Midtones’ and ‘Shadows’.

Am I missing something?
I have the Advanced Workspace turned on but still no sign off them.

I’m sure it’s something simple but it’s evading me right now!

I’m using the Mac version.

You need to click the tiny plus sign in the lower right corner of the Contrast palette.

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Omg. feeling both stupid and somewhat blind right now :rofl: Don’t know how I missed that.

I’ll blame the small screen and resolution I have chosen!

Thanks for the help.

You’ll find this to be a handy feature - - but there’s one “quirk” that’s useful to understand’: the setting for Fine Contrast is a direct/100% offset for the Advanced Setting values.

That is, with the following settings, the result is NO change to the image;
image … the Fine Contrast setting totally offsets Advanced settings.
I use this to my advantage; I have my default settings assigned as shown above - then I can review the impact of these Advanced settings simply by double-clicking on the Fine Contrast slider.

HtH - John M

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Thanks for the pointer.

I will investigate further once I get some time to sit down with a couple of images and have a play around.