Finally - My version of NIK 4 is working

Hello All:

After numerous issues with NIK 4 (white screens, freezing, etc) I finally got NIK 4 working. I am not sure if they released an updated version but I noticed a slightly larger file when I downloaded NIK 4 a few weeks after the original. After loading and unloading the program a few times it seems to be working fine. I am enjoying watching a Photo Joseph review on the new features ( and glad this is over.

I wish the folks at the company would respond to service calls on their site and eliminate having to be very vocal to get results.


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Just a suggestion:

  • Next time you have a technical issue, tell the forum what you got instead of what you expected when doing X. There’s a fair chance that someone might be able to help you.
  • Commercial issues cannot be solved through the forum.
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I’m glad you got it working, Aswah! You’re right, there was an update released - a couple of weeks ago, I think: 4.0.8. (The original is 4.0.7.) That fixed many of the problems people were having.

I wonder, is it possible that DxO responded by e-mail but that their message got sent to your spam folder or something like that? For me, the support site that lets us see open tickets is still down. It’s been down for months. So I have to check carefully for their e-mails when they update my tickets. (I have an open ticket concerning this problem and DxO has been updating it via e-mail.)

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Thanks - I did do that several times. That’s how it all started. Turns out that their software (as suspected) was buggy as can be. I grew up in the hospitality business and the absolute worse thing you can do when problems occur is let them fester unattended too. My posting about wanting a refund was an absolute last-ditch attempt to get a company to respond to numerous inquiries on many platforms. I make no apologies for expecting replies to support inquiries and comments, regardless of how much I have spent with this company. I do appreciate your voice and thoughts. Thank You. Happy 4th


I wish they did. I had one person at the company who would respond every ten days. He sounded as though he was very frustrated too. I did check junk and all the other weird folders in case a reply came through. I think even a simple announcement on their website acknowledging issues and that they released an updated version that should fix most problems would have been nice. Maybe they did that and I never saw it - but it surely wasn’t from lack of effort to find it. I wish you well.


I only can access three of the apps since the upgrade, leaving my program with far less functionality than before I spent money. The other apps don’t interface with Photoshop and as standalones shut down after a screen saying my trial period is over. No assistance from Nik after two days.

Look to download 4.1 it seems a better version. I actually got a hotfix in between 4 and 4.1 that is working best for me right now. Their customer service is beyond overwhelmed.