Filtering not working for subfolders?

Is filtering only working in the selected folder? I have such a folder structure, that that kind of filtering doesn’t work for me:
Pictures - Year - Date
And if I go to Year, I get nothing from the filter.

Are you talking about filtering metadata and Keywords ?
As for me i didn’t achieve to filter only on a subfolder, which i find it a pity…So there is a way i am interested in the solution.

Filter settings only act on images that can be seen in the film strip and preview areas of the Photo Library and Customize views.

PhotoLab only displays images located in the selected folder. Images contained in subfolders do not show and can therefore not be filtered.

PhotoLab’s search works differently though: It can be used to find images in all the folders that PhotoLab has opened so far. In order to let PhotoLab see all folders of a nested folder structure, you can index the complete structure by using the “Index a folder” function. It will index the complete structure, if it is pointed to the root of the structure.

On a Mac, click here to start indexing:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-16 um

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I’m talking about filtering (down to the left, above filmstrip). As @platypus explained it only work for the selected folder.

Thank you for your answer @platypus. I’ve done indexing so the search is working reasonably well. Too bad that I couldn’t do a search for picked or processed images. I hope that they will include subfolders to the filtering (to show all images in the selected folder and all subfolders).

Including subfolders can have negative effects, if DPL continues working as today: It renders previews of all images found in a folder. If a folder (with or without subfolders) contains many images, a lot of time and resources are used and DPL would be quite unresponsive in such a case. If DPL could be limited to render visible images only, this issue could be fixed to a certain degree, also, if resources were spared for interactions with the user.

OK, I understand that.