Filtering by Keywords

I would like to filter the selected images to only include those with a certain keywords.

An example:

  • I am viewing the contents of a folder.
  • I select all files.
  • I see that some keywords have checkboxes that tell me that some but not all of my images contain that keyword.
  • I want to see only the images in the folder which have the keyword enabled.

The task can be accomplished laboriously by returning to the PhotoLibrary tab, doing a search for the keyword (which requires remembering exactly what it was without having the Keywords pane displayed) and then searching for the folder (again, having to remember the name, although at least the Folder pane is in the same tab). So I am asking for a quick way of doing this.

I am not saying it has to be implemented this way, but here is a possibility:

  • While viewing the Keywords pane, right-click on a keyword.
  • Select an option to add a filter for the keyword clicked on.

This might also add an entry to the Filter menu to indicate filtering by keyword. The keyword filter might be removed by right-clicking on the filtered keyword or by clicking on the added Filter menu entry.

Note: There are some similar-sounding but different feature requests. My request here is not about filtering based on whether a keyword contains or does not contain a keyword.