Filter settings not applied in Ps 24.2.1 after update to 5.05 x64 (5.60)

I open either CEP or SEP via the Ps Filter menu and do the changes in the filter. After pressing Apply the filter window closes but the the filter settings are not applied to the picture.
When I use the filter via the Selective Tool palette everything is working fine.

DFine and Output Sharpener are working via the Filter menu.

Win10, Ps 24.2.1, Nik 5.05 x64 (5.60). Settings applied to separate layer. All filter are in the “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC\DxO” folder. There is nothing from DxO in the “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2023\Plug-ins” folder.

Same problem here, had to revert to 5.5

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I have the same problem. If I used the filter, for ex. Color Efex, as an Smart Filter it works.
After fgonig back to version 5.5 all workes fine.

DXO please fix it.

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Same problem here with the latest version of Photoshop. I should have kept a backup of a former version of NIK…

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I’ve been going back to the former version 5.5 and I have informed the DXO support. Today I get an mail to test a few things.
So I have to install the update to version 5.6 again and…

… it worked as it should !!!

So try, after you going back, installing the update again.

BR Axel

Yesterday I got the instruction from the support to de-install, clean and re-install. Installation was stopped due to Microsoft Defender (there is another thread for this).
Today I installed Ps 24.3, downloaded a new Microsoft Defender virus update file and downloaded the Nik Software again (same size than yesterday).
No virus warning during installation and filter is working in Ps.

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