Filter & select rejected images for deletion

After rejecting images in a folder with the red flag I am trying to filter the folder to select the rejected images for deletion. Photolab 4. Thanks for your help.

Hi Jerry,

If you click on the Filter icon: image - found at top-left of your Image Browser - then you witll be presented with; image - uncheck/untick all except “Show rejected” and that’s what you’ll get.

PS. Yes, there should be an “Unselect ALL” option to make this easier - - but, for now, there’s not !

HtH - John M

Thank you John, I remember now this this is one of the reasons that I quit using PL awhile back. I am back giving PL another try, I have been using Capture One but I do like PL for my MFT images. I still think that the search feature is very awkward to use, why would they not make unchecked the default or have an uncheck all button. It is hard to understand this when the rest of the program works so great. (edit): After playing around with this I have decided to just go back to Capture One, it seems it would be so simple to have the reset button uncheck all options instead of checking all options, where is there any use in this. In CO all one needs to do is check the red option and all rejected images are selected, select all and delete a 1 min process that takes 5 mins in PL.

Hi @jerrysdean43 ,
The behavior of this filtering menu is a mystery for DxO too. It has been made the other way around!
We have plans to fix it because it’s unusable, but for now, yes, I can clearly feel your pain…


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Thank you, it is just too frustrating for me to deal with, I am going to stick with my Capture One Catalog, the collections and smart collections are just too convenient, along with the ability to compare several images in the same view is handy. I do like the interface of PL better, also Smart Lighting, Clearview and Deep Prime are hard to ignore but I just want everything to work smoothly. Thanks for your input.

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Even better would be a simple “delete rejected” button somewhere …

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