Filter presets for filmstrip

it’s a minor issue and probably not weighted enough to implement but t could be a nice feature.

i think most of us have a sort of tagging system to mark certain stages.
headers are:
picked (for editing)
workflow (work in progress)
ready for export. (done/finished)

We have red, blanc, green, and stars to fine tune selection.
among a bunch of other stuff:

i think it would be great if we can produce a threesome of presets

  • Export ready choose your checkboxes which you want to show for export selection.
  • workflow mid status (everything you want to see when editing)
  • picking view (show every thing except rejected and not processable images.)

and thanks for your feedback.
Right now, this has been said already, the filtering menu is made “upside-down”.
When you open it for the first time, everything is selected and if, for example, you’d like to just see your rejected images, you have to uncheck 18 options :smiley: !!

It would be much better to have a “Select all” option at the top (selected by default), with all the other options left unchecked.
You’d like to see just the rejected images? Just tick the “Show rejected images” in the menu (and this automatically deselect the “Select all”).

A menu like this would be a waaay better “filtering experience”. It will come, we just have to wait some more :wink:


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