Filter pictures by stars or color tags

When a session of many photos has been done, it is interesting to filter them by some criteria, such as stars (which we already have) or colours (which we are still discussing). It is an important help to eliminate photos little by little and keep the ones that are really useful. Of course, as long as it is not possible to compare two photos, this functionality, even if it is implemented, will remain incomplete.
PhotoLab is the program I use for my work when the quality of the development is demanding, but in this and other points Lightroom is clearly superior.

the title is maybe confuse, I really want to say “filter pictures” instead of “select pictures”

I don’t get what you want - both possibilities (within the limits of only two sorting colours) are already available. You’re right, without direct comparison of more than one images, it sometimes is hard to tell which is better or the best out of multiple images. But filtering is rather well done today.

you are tottaly right, there are red and green colours. I was wrong because there is an ongoing forum about including more colours.
My demand comes from the comfort I got used to in Lightroom. First I choose the images I want to keep with e.g. 3 stars. I filter those images so I don’t see the others. In a second review I add one more star to some of them and filter again. Finally I add a fifth, and maybe definitive, to some of them. I can always see them grouped by that criteria and go back if I’m not totally sure because I haven’t deleted any of them. In the end I obviously delete the ones I’m not interested in.
When you’re doing a session with 500 or 1000 photos it’s a great help.
Unless I am mistaken and have not seen the functionality, you can apply stars but not filter images with the same rating.

At the left end of the image browser are two drop-downs - the first changes the sort order, the second does filtering, and it can filter by rating and flag.
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.06.26 pm

(This was on a Mac)

thank you so much, that’s great!!! I looked in the programme menu and could not find any filtering options… I am still a new user

If you edit your post, you can change the title too. Look for the pencil icon next to the title and the blue save button…

Glad you like it. I just wish it was a bit more obvious and less tedious to use - there is wasted space to the right of the folder name where the filter options could all be shown all the time, as in several other apps.

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