Filter by date within folder

Capture One and Lr have a nice function whereby the software reads the “date created” from the exif and provides a selectable list of those dates. Each date can then be clicked on and only related images will show. This alleviates the need for dated sub folders. The advantage of Lr’s implimentation is that it allows you to work from the highest folder in the tree, provided “show images in sub-folders” is enabled. If it is disabled then it works at folder level only - which its still useful.

I cannot replicate anything like this is PL.

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Because PhotoLab gets bogged down if too many images are being managed at once, I manually sort my photos by date or place or event into folders and work in these folders one at a time. This works alright for me, since I like to have full control over how my files are organized. But it would be nice to be able to work on groups of images more dynamically with the option of reading them from subfolders.

I’ll add my vote. You might be interested in some other topics relating to the ability to “drill down” into subfolders:

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I somehow forgot about this, working with test folders of less than 100 files each. It would really be helpful if PhotoLab were a bit more considerate by only preprocessing files that are visible in the film strip or on the light table and maybe a few up and down the road - instead of rushing to process everything that only comes close. Alternatively, fore- and background tasks could be better separated…