Filmpack & VP as plugins for Affinity Photo


any one successful in making FP&VP work as plugin in Affinity Photo?
If yes, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance


Hi Sigi

From memory.
menu Preferences / Photoshop modules

Affinity Photo crashes the moment you select the filter.
I did the same what I did with the NIK -collection

  1. create a folder, I named it “DXO for Affinity”
  2. Install VP
  3. Select the folder created in step one as the plug-in folder

It seems it does not work or I am missing something. I have tried it also with FP and the same.


Sigi, Affinity Photo’s problem with FilmPack and ViewPoint has been there since AP’s launch. The DxO Nik plugins now work great in AP. Maybe, someday, FP and VP will, too.

(running macOS Catalina)