Filmpack, Nik and crosovers

I am confused about some things which are placed in a extra package which you must purchase separately.
In filmpack there is contrast control added to contrast tool:
Fine contrast and in the advanced highlight, midtone, shadow. These are actual control tools not artistic or “stylisch” rendering tools. These are actually usefull for image exposure control and sharpening and giving a image that second look wordy “pop” feeling

All other i can grasp: styletoning expansion, Filters, Grain, softfocus, blur, frame (for syntesize printframes) channel mixer for B&W. Those are extra things which are no use for basic image development They give you extra possibility to put you mark on a image.
Special designed for photographers who do sell images or do expositions and use the artistic tools to go beyond the real world imagelooks.

The same i have looking at NIK and Photolab,
Dfine? prime noise does the same or not?
Analog Efex? Filmpack?
Silver Efex again Filmpack?
Color Efex? Filmpack?
HDR Efex? could be a PL Elite tool. (Smartlighting expansionTab?)
Sharpener pro? again PL elite tool ( expansionTab in clearview/contrast/lens sharpness area?)
Viveza? Tricky but i would say expansiontab for Color RAW White balance or filmpack?

I understand the standalone version for plugin purposes for the other rawdeveloper like Adobe’s apps but looking at the road Optic Pro(from great plugin) towards Photolab (full bleed developers application) i would think that the NIK collection will fully intergrade in Photolab and some in Filmpack as a artistic editor tool.

The artistic value that Filmpack gives will be obsolete for some and handy for others. But please don’t mix the control tools like colorchannel mixer and contrast extra’s with the real Filtertools in Filmpack. This wil bring more value to the Photolab Elite version and give it a better competitive startingpoint.

It is just a thought, and not a complain.

Keep in mind the Nik plugins were developed by Nik and FilmPack was designed by engineers at DxO. There may appear to be overlap, but as a longtime user of OpticsPro, FilmPack and Nik Collection, I don’t believe that’s true.

FilmPack provides excellent digital rendering for specific film looks, including film grain. There is also support for application of borders.

Silver Efx Pro, on the other hand, provides many more creative controls for monochrome images for application globally or locally. The border options are extensive and much better than those in FilmPack.

The Nik filters offer many more localized adjustment options than those available in PL or FP even though PL includes u-Point technology.

Hi, i know they came from different software developers. And because they bought the NIK to contain and update, what is admirable, i suspect there will be some “copy paste” to Photolab in the future.

I am not familiar in a way of a often user of NIK(googleversion) , mostly used the Dfine noise reduction and sometimes the sharpenertool. So i will believe you on your statement immediately :slight_smile: . It is more that i am chewing my way through the quirks, strongpoints and weaknesses of Photolab picking up skills for future uses and things i would like to change if possible (or learn to use the correct way) for benefit of general processing.
(i am not a skilled user but if i encounter a problem i tend to sink my teeth in to overcome this. find the way to get maximum result.)
Because i would be very happy if DxO Photolab vx.x would be a great all in one main developer which allow me to use only one. (yes i know utopia thinking)
This Photolab elite plus FILMPACK5, viewpoint3, NIKcollection setup could be a great “do it all” product. (If the “overlapping” is filtered out to minimise double/alike tools to choose from.)

Small example of something what i would think is logic editing control: copy paste correction function for images: all or nothing. i can’t find selection before pasting (afterwards undo the ones you don’t want is possible, but i would like a “copy”, select those who i want to paste on a other image, and apply. (non selected are not overwritten by the paste.) so the copy paste is nearly useless for non burstset images.
(has nothing to do with NIK or Filmpack.)