Filmpack in Photolab: 'Set center' obscures Frame

Hello DxO,

When I use the ‘Set center’ tools in the ‘Creative vignetting’ or ‘Blur’ sections of Filmpack (in Photolab), the ‘Frame’ (glass/film/old paper/etc) is not visible anymore. This has resulted in various exports of images either without a frame, all the same frame or the wrong frame, because I didn’t see the frame so neglected to edit it. It’s a bit of an annoyance.

When I use the ‘Magnifier’ tool in the Noise reduction section I can still see the frame, as it should be.

Can you please make the frame be visible also when the ‘Set center’ tool is active?

kind regards, Frank

It works for me. Did you remember to click on the close button at the bottom of the image after applying the blur or vignetting? Until you do the frame does not reappear in PhotoLab. In any case, even without clicking on the close button exports work correctly. In response to you query, I exported 2 test images with a frame and set center for blur and vignette. They both worked as expected with no issues. I’m not sure what caused the problem you are seeing. Maybe you need to test again and keep track of your editing steps to see if there are a set of conditions that caused this.


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Hello Mark,

I think you misunderstood me :slight_smile: My only issue is that the frame is not visible when the tool is open. I know it re-appears when I click close, and the image exports correctly with frame.

I don’t always click close, so I miss the visual feedback of which frame with which settings I’ve used.

The frame should be visible on all occassions, with any tool open. It should only NOT be visible when it’s not used or the module has been de-activated.

I hope this clears things up!

kind regards, Frank

In that case, I do not see a problem. You’re using a specific editing feature which applies changes to the whole image. A frame is not part of the image, just an overlay to it. If it were visible when you are applying blur or vignetting, the frame would also be affected by blur and vignetting. Is that what you were expecting? If you fail to exit those features before proceeding, you are not seeing an accurate representation of the final image, While it may seem s bit confusing at first, after reviewing it I don’t think its an issue. There are other features in Photolab which require you to exit them before returning to a normal view of the image.

Perhaps it’s just me then. If I decided to have a frame, and I then want to adjust the centers of the vignette or blur, I want to see how that affects the whole of the final image, so I can see what I will get. That, to me, includes interactions with the frame, since that too is going to be in the final image.

For example, if I selected a frame which has a white hazy banding on one edge, and I have a vignette which lightens the edges, it may seem good without the frame, but once the tool is closed and the frame is re-applied, it turns out the hazy edge is too bright to my taste. So then I have to again edit the vignette so it doesn’t affect that edge too much.

Obviously I do not want the vignetting or blur to affect the frame, and it doesn’t so that’s good. But frames have semi-transparent areas that do interact with the image below. My issue here is purely the ‘Set center’ button (circle with a dot) should in my opinion not make the frame invisible, just like the magnifier tool doesn’t make it invisible either.

When I’m applying or editing a vignette or blur, the frame is visible at all times, so I am seeing what I’m doing. Just not when I press the circle-dot icon.

I do not see it as a bug, just a missing refinement. Just a suggestion.

kind regards, Frank