FilmPack Elite in PhotoLab Elite beyond film simulations?

I generally understand the film simulations that FilmPack brings to PhotoLab. But I’m having a harder time figuring out what is added beyond those.

For example, I think I know FilmPack adds creative vignettes to PhotoLab. And I may have heard that certain additional contrast controls are added.

But where can I find a list of the added features within PhotoLab?

For a full list of all features in FilmPack but not mentioned are the separate fine contrast sliders for highlights, mid-tones and shadows. These are worth their weight in gold for increasing detail in just one part of the tonal range.


Yes, as @Joanna has already said, the fine contrast sliders are the real benefit of adding FilmPack Elite to PL Elite.

Thanks. That helps.

indeed, they weigh nothing…

Four separate fine contrast sliders at around 40.- each sounds like a lot of money, but similar to cars, they are convenient.

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Crap…my car has no fine contrast sliders :rofl:

I hope it has pedals that can do more than 0 or 1.

The problem is not the pedals but my feet :racing_car:

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Returning to the OP topic…
DFP focuses on more creative features of making a photo, or should I say re- creative?

Next to adding fine contrast to DPL and the film simulations (including the time machine presets). it features frames, film borders, surface defects, light leaks and more. While all these effects can be used sensibly, they risk to be too much in everyday work.

FilmPack palette:

ViewPoint palette:

More on

Are you talking about the sliders that display when you click “Advanced settings” in the “Contrast” section? If so I didn’t know anything about these until now.

The three advanced sliders are directly related to the Fine contrast slider which is also a FilmPack feature.


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