Filmpack and Frame Toning

it’s a question for DXO PL 3.2 elite and Filmpack 5.
I have not much experience with frames , vignetting and so on in filmpack, so maybe it’s my mistake.
First I set a frame to a photo with
frame and the photo looks like this
before style toning
the help for the frame and apply toning says
apply toning
so I went to the Style - Toning section and set
Style Toning
The result is
after styl toning

So the frame is still white but the toning was set to the photo, what I don’t want.

Any help is welcome

The frame isn’t white anymore. I can see in your example that it’s now colored according to the toning style.

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Your screenshot shows you are only using FP4. Have you tried upgrading to FP5?[/spoiler]

[EDIT] : It’s the help page that is either wrong or means from FP4 Expert as a minimum version.

Either way, @StevenL, should this be clarified and/or corrected?

Dear Joanna, dear Greg,
DXO shows FP5

and the Frame is still white, the photo has the toning…but if this is the expected result by DXO, then the meaning is wrong

Thanks for the moment :smiley:


wasn’t there a register or check menue for registered software in the help menue???
Help Menue

Indeed. I just checked on the Mac version and the same thing happens there.

However, I do see a slight tint in your first screenshot and would reinforce your comment that this isn’t happening here either.

Dear Joanna,
maybe there is a little or least toning within the border, but really not noticeable.
But you see the effect within the photo very well
So for me it’s not frame toning, but photo and frame toning :thinking:

Even Irfanview does it the right way

I assure you, your frame isn’t white while you have toning applied along with a colored Style-Toning selection. Yes, toning affects the whole image - there’s no way to turn that off. But you must view your frame against a white background to see that it isn’t white. My view of this web site shows a white background, so it’s clear to me that your frames are tinted.

It would be great if FilmPack frames were more useful. But this is how it works.


if it works this way I will make this part of work in Affinity.
But the help isn’t ok :grin:


After more playing - try this:

In PL, make sure the histogram palette is visible and pass the cursor over the “frame”.

You will see the colour values and they show that there is a tint but it is nowhere near as pronounced as the effect on the image. Hence it should possibly be described as a tint rather than the toning colour.

It’s very subtle :wink:

good idea thank you
Frame white

I appreciate that this isn’t working the way you expect. But the help isn’t wrong. The help screen says, “Applies the toning defined in ‘Style - Toning’ to the current frame.” What color is the frame? White. Selecting “Apply toning” applies the current toning style to the white frame. What you get has the same shade/brightness as before but now has the hue/tint of the toning style.

It seems you are expecting the very light frame to become a darker color. FilmPack isn’t so versatile - you are limited to the choices it offers. If you start a feature request topic for improving this, I will vote for it. :+1:


that’s correct…I expected a clear difference between Frame and picture.
The wording “Applies the toning defined in ‘Style - Toning’ to the current frame.” for me was implicit “…to the frame”, there was nothing “to the frame and picture”. But it’s all ok I will follow my own workaround to make the last steps with Affinity. I will not create a feature request, because I don’t need frames very often.
It was only if i like to work with DXO and i would like to do all my work with one software…but i know that’s impossible.
Thanks for joining the thread and your sympathy :innocent:



I think that the intent of the checkbox “Apply toning” is intended to mean to apply the toning that you have already applied to the image also to the frame. The wording could be more specific and should be changed. It is not intended to simply change the color of the frame. It is to be used when you want the color of the frame to reflect the color of the tint you used in the photo.

Thanks for your feedback @rrblint !
Yes, this is what it does. Maybe a " :white_check_mark: Match image toning" would make it more obvious…


or a new function, where it is possible to color the FRAME independently :man_with_probing_cane:

Nice weekend to all
check - over - end :sweat_smile:

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