FilmPack 6 Tiny UI Elements

I am using FilmPack on a 27" 2560x1440 monitor. The UI elements like the numbers on the sliders are absolutely tiny. I actually measured them at 2mm high. No such issues exist with Photolab, so why does it have to be so small in FP?

More generally why isn’t the Photolab UI the standard across DXO products?

The numbers in FP6 standalone version seem to be a fraction smaller than in PL5 plus being red, they are less good to read than the ‘white’ ones in PL.
But then, the sliders are much longer and easier to adjust.

Screen Shot 12-06-21 at 11.16 PM

Screen Shot 12-06-21 at 11.12 PM

screenshots taken from Eizo CG2730, 2560x1440, 125%