FilmPack 6 release date?

Will there be a version 6 in the near future?

There has been no mention of a new version of FilmPack, and I tend to doubt there will be one anytime soon. What are you looking for that is not in the current version?



I think, Filmpack and Viewpoint will remain as they are. There was no development for years, I know of. I see them as DLCs for PhotoLab. I would rather think, that they might become a more integrated part of PL one day, leading to a price increase for PL from that moment.


Or they will change just the name and sell you an upgrade to Filmpack 6!


Let’s hope not. The fiasco with Nik 2 is quite enough for 2019. Substantial improvements (even performance) = new version. I agree though FilmPack 5 is pretty comprehensive. Mainly I required the Fine Contrast controls FilmPack 5 enables in PhotoLab. Otherwise often I use the camera body emulation (as a base correction to RAW files I don’t like much out of camera) and the film simulations for BW very occasionally.

I guess you’re all right.
Maybe I should look for a rebate for Filmpack 5 and be happy with it…

But I still think that it could need an update. I really like the “Classic Presets”, many of them look better than Filmpack5. But it’s only available for C1 and LR.