Filmpack 6 not working as Photoshop plugin

Trying to use Filmpack 6 as a Photoshop plugin. It does not show up in the Filter menu in Photoshop. There is a Filmpack 6 entry in the Library->Application Support->Adobe->Plugins folder.

Can Filmpack 6 be used as a Photoshop plugin? M1 MacBook running Monterrey.

Have the same problem in my M1 MacBook Pro. Hope that we can have the plug-in to Photoshop soon.

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I can only assume it’s a M1 issue since it works fine on my Windows computer.

FilmPack 6.1 for MacOS plugin is not visible in Filter menu of the latest version Adobe Photoshop 23.1.0 despite plugin file is installed in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CC/ folder. At the same time, plugin is accessible in older PS versions (ver 21.1.1; ver 22.2)

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Updating this: Both Photoshop and FilmPack have had recent updates, but FilmPack still does not work as a Photoshop plugin (under the “Filter” menu, actually) on M1 MacBook running Monterrey. It DOES work as an external editor from Lightroom on the same computer, although it appears as “dfpv6Launcher” rather than “FilmPack” Just a wild guess, but perhaps the problem is FilmPack is not native M1 (I assume) and Photoshop cannot launch something that runs under Rosetta (although Lightroom does…)? Fortunately, everything works properly on my Windows desktop computer.

I installed the update to Filmpack last night, making sure that the Photoshop plugin was installed. It still does not work as a Photoshop plugin. M1 MacBook Pro running Monterrey. BTW, it works fine on my Windows computer.