FilmPack 6 Elite presets for PhotoLab

Those of you who use my 82 FilmPack 5 Elite presets in PhotoLab may have been wondering if I have plans to update them to include the new film types added in FilmPack 6 Elite, The answer is yes, I have been preoccupied with repair issues in my home as a result of hurricane Ida which are moistly finished. As a result the creation of those new partial presets has been delayed. I had originally hoped to have them ready when FilmPack 6 was released but unfortunately the damage from the storm put that on hold. My goal is now to have these presets ready in a few weeks, probably in early December. In the meantime you can access these new film types from the Color Rendering tool.

There are 15 new film types in FilmPack 6 Elite which include 2 new Color Positive films, 7 new Digital Films, and 6 new Cinematic special effects film types. The Digital film types will be of particular interest for Fuji shooters, When completed, I will make all 97 film type presets available for download to anyone who wishes to use them.

Mark .


Hi Mark,

I really hope that you can make all necessary repairs and that you’ll be spared from further hurricane damage for the foreseeable future.

I’m still quite new to the forum so I haven’t had a chance to use your presets but I’m looking forward to the FP6E presets. I’ve shot film quite extensively and one of the reasons why I like the DxO software so much is the excellent film emulation. Thanks for the work you put into this and for sharing the fruits of your effort.


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Thanks Mark for all the work you have put(and will be putting) into these presets. I find them to be very useful!