FilmPack 6 Broken

I’ve been using FilmPack 6 (Elite) on my M1 Macbook Pro for a few months now. Only glitch I’d noticed before now is that it launches multiple icons in the dock (one for each edit you do in Lightroom).

Upgraded to 6.2 and that worked OK for a while. Then yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere having been using it all day, it flat out refused to launch.

It does not work via Lightroom. It does not work as standalone. The app icon appears but nothing happens. If I got up to the top corner where it says DXO FilmPack 6 I get the spinning beachball. If I right click on the dock icon, I get the ‘not responding’ warning and have to force quit.

I have quit LR. Restarted the machine. Uninstalled and reinstalled DXO FilmPack (twice). Upgraded the Mac OS (now on 12.3.1). Still no luck. It’s just a dead app right now.

I have contacted DXO and am awaiting a reply. In the meantime, any suggestions welcome.

Hi @ElDuderino

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this bug is creating and wanted to assure you that our team is trying to have this solved as soon as possible.
We may get in touch with you if we need additional informations.

Thanks in advance for your comprehension.
Best regards,
Captain PO