Film Strip Missing

Hi Guys I appear to have done something stupid but the Film Strip along the bottom of the window has vanished and I cant see a way to get it back.
This is a problem as, of course I cant add keywords.
Any help greatfully accepted.

Running Version 3.1 build 4301 on Win 10



You should have looked at the View menu where the solution is obvious. Ctrl-F9 ? But search keywords are entered in the Source Browser anyway, not in the film strip (at least on my system) . Ctrl-F10. WHat do you mean with “add keywords” ?

Keywords is the new PL3.1 feature added to the Windows version in the Customize tab. When the Image browser is hidden you can still add keywords to the currently displayed image, but when the image browser is visible you can add the same keywords to multiple images at the same time.


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My mistake. I misunderstood Neelly’s comment. But anyway, the filmstrip is displayed using Ctrl-F9. Neelly, did you try this ?

You can also use Ctrl+U to redock the filmstrip

Thanks Guys I had tried Ctrl-F9 several times last night with no sucess. Opened it this morning before I did the standard, When it doesn’t work Uninstall Reinstall routine, and low and behold Ctrl-F9 works.
All is right with the world.

Thanks for all your help

Regards Neil

This is a good opportunity to recall the input focus issue that I have already mentioned multiple times. See threads listed above. I’m pretty sure that there’s a problem with the input focus management in the UI.

All the problems reported in these threads (and in the current one) are obviously related to an input focus issue. I could bet my shirt on this.